All About Velata Chocolate

Velata Chocolate is made from premium Belgian chocolate – the finest chocolate in the world.

  • All velata chocolate is gluten-free
  • Velata dark chocolate is dairy free, but processed on the same line as products that contain dairy.
  • Velata does not contain any peanuts or tree nuts and is not processed in a facility that processes products that contain peanuts or tree nuts.
  • The vendor who is producing our chocolate in Belgium is a member of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and the CAOBISCO who are committed to the social and economical well-being of cocoa workers and their communities. Details related to fair trade and corporate social responsibility can be found on

Velata chocolate packaging is designed to melt in the microwave and pour in the warmer.  You can also melt Velata chocolate directly in the warmer.  If you have any leftover chocolate (unlikely!), simply let the dish cool, cover it with a Velata Lid or with plastic wrap and store in the fridge.

Caramel Milk Chocolate

Silky milk chocolate pairs with toasted brown sugar caramel for an over-the-top rush of sweetness.  Smooth and unexpected.  Velata Caramel Milk Chocolate is designed to delight.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, cocoa liquor, caramel powder (skimmed milk powder, milk proteins, sugar, butter), whey powder, lactose, soy lecithin, natural vanilla, caramel.

Dark Chocolate

Savor the moment with the full-bodied flavor of Velata Dark Chocolate.  Deep, lush, and bold, this complex chocolate is elegance itself.

Ingredients: cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla.

Milk Chocolate

Velata Milk Chocolate is premium milk chocolate as it is meant to be: sweet, smooth, and creamy.  It is classic, comforting, versatile, and delicious.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa liquor, soy lecithin, natural vanilla.

White Chocolate

A confection of billowy buttercream infused with delicious notes of vanilla.  Sublte and dreamy, Velata White Chocolate elevates any moment into the sublime.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, natural vanilla.

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About Kacee Tagtmeyer

I party for a living with Scentsy Flameless Candles and Velata fondue.
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