Velata Chocolate Fondue Etiquette

Ready to have fondue fun with your friends, but need some tips?  Follow these fondue etiquette rules gathered from around the net to make sure your party is as safe as it is tasty!

  • No Double Dipping!  Since fondue is all about communal eating, it is never polite to double dip.  Double dipping can spread germs and cause food to drop in the chocolate.  As a host you can easily avoid any double dipping urges by cutting up fondue dippers into small, bite sized pieces.  Make your dip count since you only get one!
  • No fingers in the pot!  To avoid spreading germs, always use a fondue fork or toothpick while enjoying Velata instead of your fingers.
  • No sniffles!  Decline a fondue invite if you are feeling under the weather.  Since everyone is dipping into the same chocolate, there’s a greater chance to spread germs.  Stay home and ask your friends to save you some leftovers.
  • A good poke goes a long way!  Make sure you stick the fondue fork all the way into the dipper.  This helps the food stay on the fork instead of falling off into the chocolate.  If you are having trouble, use a fork to help get the food on the fondue fork.
  • Take your time, there’s plenty of chocolate!  There’s no need to rush.  Simply dip your food in the chocolate and give it a swirl.  Then let your chocolate drip back into the pot to avoid a mess.  Slowly spinning your fork and having a plate close by will help with dripping.
  • To dig or not to dig?  What happens if you do drop a piece of food in the chocolate?  Tradition varies, but it’s usually polite to let the host know and let them take care of it.  
  • Lick your fingers, not the fondue fork!  Provide your guests with a small plate and fork, to make sure fondue forks are used for serving and not eating.  Use a fork to slide the food off the fondue fork on to the plate.  If you do eat directly from a fondue fork, fondue etiquette says not to touch the fork to your lips.  With traditional fondue, touching the fork with your lips can cause burns, plus it makes your fondue fork a big double dipping tool.  Since Velata chocolate is designed to melt at low temperatures, it’s  more of a germ issue.  You could also skip the fondue forks all together and use toothpicks or disposable wooden skewers. 
  • Don’t blow it!  While your first instinct might be to blow on hot food to cool it off, try to refrain when enjoying fondue in a group.  It’s messy and spreads germs.  If your chocolate is too hot, turn down the warming temperature on your Velata Warmer.
  • A fondue fork is not a sword!  It’s always polite to take turns, especially with fondue.
While fondue is fun for everyone, I would recommend supervising small children during their fondue fun.
Fondue tradition says that the first man to drop a piece of food in the pot must buy the host a bottle of wine, while the first woman must kiss everyone in the room.  On the second offense, the person must host the next fondue party.

Leave a comment if you have any questions about fondue etiquette or the Velata experience.


About Kacee Tagtmeyer

I party for a living with Scentsy Flameless Candles and Velata fondue.
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