Fondue Friday – Fruity Chocolate Bars

A chocolate bar with fresh strawberries in it?  Yes, please!  t.time Chick had a great idea, just fill an ice cube tray with Velata chocolate, add fresh strawberries, and freeze.  I’ve got to try this!


About Kacee Tagtmeyer

I party for a living with Scentsy Flameless Candles and Velata fondue.
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3 Responses to Fondue Friday – Fruity Chocolate Bars

  1. Kacee,
    I just emailed you the source. Only took me a second to track down the original for the photo, and in my email I explained HOW I found it in case you run into this same situation again.

    • Thanks, it didn’t even cross my mind to google it, I just followed the Pinterest links to some weird celebrity blog. Thanks for the help, it must be too early to think! All fixed.

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